Lenka Holman

Lenka Holman, a blonde caucasian woman, stands smiling at the camera. Her arms are folded and she wears a light grey blazer, bright blue blouse, and a steam-punk style necklace.
Business Branding Headshots by TRUE BLUE Portrait

Lenka Holman is a financial professional with WealthWave, the “How Money Works” company, who embraces the philosophy that investing is about more than balance sheets. Earnings translate to experiences, memories, and ultimately a Life WORTH Living that’s unique to each investor.

Lenka’s achievements as a 20-year industry leader include recognition in Forbes Magazine as a top performing investment advisor representative and family investment advocate. Lenka takes on one of the highest levels of fiduciary responsibility in the industry. She has trained and supervised agents for well over a decade. In addition, Lenka has mentored teams of up to 60 agents and continues to develop new associates today.

She is affiliated with numerous professional associations, including Kingdom Advisors and Connected Women of Influence, and is a Certified Financial Educator (CFEd).

Lenka gifts clients with her compassion and the understanding that balancing the seasons of life is just as important as increasing investments.